By Stephen Taylor, SNs 360 Founder

Why does the disability community constantly have to fight for basic rights? After all, people with disabilities are people too! We want access to recreation, jobs, living communities, education, restaurants, healthcare facilities, transportation, and faith communities. Yet here we are in 2018 and we are still lacking access to much of what is considered basic rights.

Why is Congress even considering HR620, which is a bill designed to protect businesses and others from having to comply with the ADA of 1990? In 2018, 28 years after its passage, accessibility is still a major problem. What’s the point of weakening the ADA of 1990? The majority of businesses are not in compliance anyway.

Why does Hollywood refuse to offer acting roles to persons with disabilities, especially when the character is a person with a disability? I am certain that, given the opportunity, people with disabilities would audition for these roles.

Why do people continue to look at persons with disabilities with pity? We are not looking for a handout; instead, we are seeking an opportunity. All of us have been given gifts, and these gifts are to be shared with the world.

Why are we not invited to the table? Non-disabled people lead many organizations that do work for the disability community. I believe any organization that is doing work for the disability community should have at least one person with a disability in a leadership role. Trust me, people with disabilities are amazing leaders – just give them an opportunity to shine.

Why is there such a disparity between the states in providing support for families with disabilities? Each state has set up its own method of determining levels of support, and the differences are astonishing. For example, if a family with a disability moves from one state to another, families with disabilities have to reapply for everything. It would make sense to have a universal standard so families will have the opportunity to live where they desire.

Why does the disability community continue to function in silos? If the disability community would come together to bring down these silos, then it would become the largest and most powerful voting bloc in the world. It is time to stop talking and start creating action so we can put an end to all of the nonsense that we have been forced to deal with.

Who is ready to join a movement that will transform the world and our communities?

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