It does not take long for one to reach the conclusion that today’s society is in shambles.  There is so much hate and animosity between groups, to the point where a conversation cannot be had. Democrats verses Republicans; gun rights verses gun control; immigration rights verses illegal aliens; straws verses banned straws … you get the idea. Everywhere you turn there is an argument but no conversation.  As a result, society is tearing itself apart.  And it is tearing my heart apart.

A Secret Indregient

There is a secret ingredient that would help alleviate the hate in this world – an ingredient that has been in existence for thousands of years. Scripture tells us “and now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13.13). Love is the secret ingredient.  And love has the ability to bring our society together.  

A lot of my time is spent living in a world where it is so easy to hate rather than love, and, sadly, very little effort is spent trying to love one another. Rather than talking to the other, we would rather turn to Twitter, Facebook, or other means of social media to attack the other. For some reason or another we would rather destroy someone else because of his or her beliefs, culture, or the way he or she looks. Why? Whatever happened to sitting down and having a conversation? If we disagree, then so what?  At least in a conversation we have the opportunity to hear the other’s voice or at least be in his or her presence, which may bless us.

Finding Peace

Fortunately some of my time allows me to escape the evilness of this world. Each week I visit group homes, which are communities that provide housing and residential support for adults with disabilities throughout the area, and I find peace there. The homes provide me a respite and a place of serenity because the people who live there are at peace. When I visit, the residents are eager to have a conversation with me, and they usually begin with the question, “What’s going on out there in the world?” No matter what my reply is, they smile and say, “You are with us, and for that we are glad.”


You see, in the eyes of those with disabilities, everyone is accepted. People in the disability community have the unique ability to love anyone at anytime regardless of circumstances. They do not look at the world through glasses of judgment; instead, they look at the world as a part of their community. I can talk to them about anything, and they will accept me and more importantly love me. They keep it simple; that is, they love others as they would want to be loved.

I wonder what would happen to society if it readily accepted the disability community.  You think society would benefit from it? There is little doubt that society could use a lot of that secret ingredient – love – which the disability community has perfected.  


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