Circle of Friends

Creating an organic social structure for adults with disabilities to develop positive relationships.

A Place to Thrive

Build Community

Providing a safe place for adults with disabilities to congregate.

Social Engagement

Encouraging adults to get involved in social settings in the community.


Developing a group that consistently meets to promote friendships.


Currently, Circle of Friends meets at Hickory Flat UMC on the first Thursday of each month.

What can you expect at our meeting on the first Thursday of each month?

  • Multiple adults with disabilities that are interested in engaging with others
  • An extracurricular activity offered for the adults with disabilities
  • Therabeat – music therapists
  • Sawdust Occupational Therapy - occupational therapists
  • Becca Dideum – music therapist
  • An invitation to join us on an outing to have fun
    • Braves game
    • Bowling outings
    • Dinner and movie

We also meet on the third Thursday of each month for a social outing.