Our Vision

Empowering adults living with disabilities, older adults, and peers to flourish in community.

Our Mission

Community of Hope is a group of adults living with disabilities, typical peers, and elders engaging with one another to create opportunities to live with purpose and acceptance in community.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Community of Hope accomplishes our mission through intergenerational endeavors that:

  • Create an organic social structure to provide opportunities to develop positive relationships
  • Foster appropriate and supportive employment opportunities for young adults to gain valuable skills and earn a fair wage through mentoring relationships with older adults
  • Build an intergenerational, affordable, and supportive residential community

Transforming environments of isolation into communities of inclusion by loving our neighbors.

Our Story

Community of Hope is a 250 acre property located in Northern Cherokee County. The eastern border of the property is next to Cherokee County Airport; to the south, the property borders Bishop Road; to the north, the property borders Long Road. Currently, there are walking trails that range from easy to strenuous throughout the property, an ADA accessible bathroom, and a pavilion with picnic tables. The remainder of the property is raw land, which offers a multitude of possibilities.

In the summer of 2019, a survey was offered to families with disabilities and the results are being used to guide the future for Community of Hope. The top three needs for the disability community, according to the survey, is a social structure, supported employment, and affordable residential housing. Community of Hope plans to address all of these needs at the property.


Social structure is a major need because of the lack of opportunities for adults with disabilities. After aging out of the school system at age 21, the adults have very little options to continue being involved in society. Many of them retreat to their homes, living with their parents, and grow frustrated with their lives. Community of Hope will offer daily opportunities for these adults to be engaged with each other and others in society.

In addition to social structure, adults with disabilities should have employment opportunities. Unfortunately, not many employers will provide jobs to the disabled community and if they do, the pay does not support a sustainable lifestyle. Community of Hope will have multiple opportunities for employment including landscaping the property, woodworking facility, and a retail store. All of the proceeds from the commercial enterprises will be used to support Community of Hope.

Lastly, the survey emphasized the need for affordable residential housing. At the moment, there is not a lot of opportunity for adults with disabilities or elders to live in affordable housing in Cherokee County. Community of Hope will utilize five acres to create an intergenerational affordable housing community for these populations in need. The residents will live in community and support one another on the property.

Community of Hope is also planning to be a place for respite for faith communities and others in Cherokee County. There is also a significant need to address the lack of opportunities for outdoor recreational activities for the disabled community. The inclusion of zip lines, rock climbing walls, and fully accessible trails will allow individuals with disabilities to experience the outdoors.

Community of Hope was built on the foundation of hope and will continue to provide hope for all in our community, particularly the disability community. Help us create a space where people of all abilities and all ages may come together to thrive and experience life like never before.

Support Community of Hope

This entity is a 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed.