Mission Statement

Community of Hope is a collaborative effort to address the growing needs of adults with disabilities in Cherokee County by providing supportive, intergenerational living.

Circle of Friends

Socialization & Support

Circle of Friends provides opportunities for socialization, and works to bring the community together to develop appropriate support systems. Community of Hope and Circle of Friends work hand in hand together to accomplish shared goals and to improve the lives of our young adults living with disabilities. The top three most urgent needs identified in Cherokee County are:

  • Socialization
  • Supportive Employment
  • Supportive Affordable Housing

SNs 360

Community Awareness

SNs360 is a partner non-profit organization to Community of Hope. SNs360 provides a source of hope for families and individuals living with disabilities by offering educational resources,  promoting partnerships among community members, and involving the faith communities. SNs360 also coordinates opportunities for social interaction throughout the Greater Atlanta area.

Dream Big Dance

Community Engagement

The Dream Big Dance is THE social event of the year! Each dance is designed to promote transformative change through the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of the faith community. We intentionally connect faith communities with the disability community in a safe environment.

By supporting us with your financial contributions, you are partnering to help build meaningful community for our young adults living with disabilites. Thank you for sharing in our dreams!

Donate Now

Donate Now

Your donations to Community of Hope will be used to help build a supportive living community for our young adults living with disabilites in Cherokee County, Georgia.



We could use your help! Please join us in developing meaningful solutions to the housing crisis. Let's offer a bit of heaven here on earth, a place for our young adults to call home.



The Community of Hope blog provides valuable insight, advice, and encouragement for all readers.



Community of Hope meets regularly for Community Planning and Committee Meetings. We plan regular social events for our young adults with disabilities, and family members are always welcome to attend too.
Please pray that we will be able to meet again soon! Our young adults are often isolated and they look forward to any opportunty for fellowship.


Due to Covid-19, we have unfortunately suspended our events and gatherings. If you would like to learn about future events, sign up to receive our newsletter and we will keep you updated!


We look forward to seeing each other again soon!


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